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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect when hiring you as a birth photographer?
The birth experience is transformative. Documenting this invaluable story fuels my passion for capturing the gift of birth and babies. As a birth photographer,I am dedicated to collaborating with you to produce the most positive and supportive service possible. Hiring someone to attend your birth is about as intimate as it gets. From our first consultation to the delivery of your images,I am committed to serving you with all the care and respect that this most cherished event deserves.
When should I book you?
I take two to three births per month so to hire me it is ideal to book as soon as possible after learning your due date. If you are inquiring about birth photography late in your pregnancy,send me a message and we can see if your due date is available. If it is is unavailable,I can recommend a colleague. Alternatively,you can consider a fresh 48 session with me. You can book by sending me a message here.
What makes birth photography expensive?
If this is your first-time shopping for birth photography,you might be experiencing sticker shock. After shopping around,however,you may see that birth photography prices are comparable to wedding photography prices. Birth photography is unique because we don’t know exactly when you will need our service,so we are on call for 2-4 weeks (sometimes longer!). When we do get the call,it is often in the middle of the night,which doesn’t only mean we’re jumping out of bed but also that we are working in extremely low light conditions that require skill and specialized gear. Once we are on-site at your birth,we are there for an indeterminate amount of time. Your labor and delivery could be 6 hours or 16 hours! Once your birth has been documented,the images are carefully culled and hand-edited to deliver a beautifully curated gallery of images. Serious time,skill,and dedication go into birth photography.
Will having a photographer in the birth space change the atmosphere?
The most common feedback I get from birthing people is that they didn’t even realize I was there. It is my job to blend into and work seamlessly with your birth team. I started my photography career as a dance photographer,and I can move in and out of a space quickly with ease. I have birth knowledge that gives me the confidence to know when to get closer and when to back off. Plus,I’m from New Jersey so if you tell me to back off,I won’t blink an eyelid! I am present in the space to quietly honor your story.
How many images will I receive,and do I have printing rights?
Just as every birth story is unique,so is each gallery of images. Generally,I deliver a minimum of 75 edited images,but my focus is quality,not quantity. I guarantee that your birth story will be beautifully told in the number of images needed to tell it. You will receive downloadable images that are perfect for sharing on social media. You will have instant access to an array of prints,wall art,and albums through my trusted professional printer,who will have access to high-resolution images so you can print any size you’d like. I do not give printing rights outside of this service because I want to maintain the quality of work through professional services.
Will my images be shared on social media?
It is entirely up to you. In my contract I have a section where you can elect to share as many or as few as you wish. As much as I love when clients are open to sharing their images,I equally understand those that wish to keep them private.
Do you use a flash?
I do! I want you to have the best quality images,and for low light situations,that means using a flash. I bounce the flash off the ceiling and the walls,and I have yet to have a birthing person complain about it. If you want to see the difference between flash and no flash,I can share samples with you. In the end,it is your birth space,and the most important thing is your comfort.