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When cashiers ask me how I’m doing,I want to answer with the truth. A lot can happen in the moment between a question and answer. I frequently have to force myself to respond with the expected small talk. It shouldn’t be any wonder that when asked to share about myself for my website,it got complicated. I scoured the internet,reading “about me” pages but was left more confused than before. My favorite,however,are by far the random,quippy facts that people share about themselves. By the way,have I mentioned what tricks my dog can do? How about the time I unintentionally planted an opium poppy garden in my front yard? Oh,and I’m blind in one eye. I could go on,but here’s my absolute best attempt at giving you a glance,while holding back for the sake of diplomacy.

I have a profound desire for intimacy along with an equally strong urge to remain 15 paces away. The camera acts as a one-way glass; dually concealing and revealing. I take photos to bond people to shared and truthful moments. I was here. I saw you. We were not alone.

My current work is drawn from my desire to slow,even pause,the speed with which life passes. I want to show the pride and power in the difficult moments,the loss and betrayal of the seemingly easy ones,and the coming of age,with all its ephemeral exquisiteness – the loneliness,the heartbreak,the unmatchable naivety. These are the objects of my affection. With all I am,I try in vain to store the magic of the fleeting reality in these flashes of our shared existence.

I am a truth seeker,a beauty hunter,a mother,a friend,an artist.